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TV Show is a program that exists quite long, there are many popular programs abroad. But in Vietnam, TV Show has not really developed and properly invested here is a potential market if the right investment will bring about huge  promotional value.

Definition  for TV Show| Talk Show

Talk Show is a dialogue program between the Host that leads the conversation with guests or many guests, the story of a hot topic. MCs and guest speakers analyze, rate, comment and express their personal views on the topic.

Talk Show is a talk, exchange on many topics in life. Businesses can use the talk show as a sharing and advertising of their products. About the company’s services through friendly conversation and closeness with our guests. This is an advertising channel close and more effective rather than investing big expenses on TVC advertising or Viral Video

The origin of the Talk Show

Can say the program Talk Show launched simultaneously with the TV station, Joe Franklin, the host of the first talk show on WJZ-TV (today’s WABC-TV)

The Tonight Show on NBC as of currently holds the record for the longest broadcast in US television history, the program launched in 1954 and lasted until today. Program undergoes far spent 7 seasons get still viewers love. The Tonight Show, includes comments on a topic and then interview and game alternating led by the MC gracefully make the show as enjoyable and always create something new for the viewers

The second longest show is the Irish show Late Late Show, launched in 1962 set the stage for the late night talk show and loved until now

Pioneer Edward R. Murrow to direct the program called Small World in the 1950s, a political theme that caught special attention with the viewer. The beginning of the US political talk shows and Talk Show on Sunday morning

The talk showed synthetic become mainstream in the 1970s, culminating in the appearance of show Tabloid Talkloid and other programs replace pure talk show at the time

Where can the Talk Show be played?

Talk show can be played as a normal commercial on television, in advertising time frames. May this introduce more detailed product characteristics as functional foods, cosmetics,… help viewers understand and peace of mind about the quality of products. Talk Show was born and longtime survival possible includes The Late Late Show on RTE, the late night program is also usually preferred as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show

Talk Show is a short conversation can be found on the public channels, social networks such as Facebook and YouTube to attract the attention of viewers. Today, the internet grows, viewers tend to watch online on community channels, also attract a small not audience.

Talk show can also be delivered at noon breaks in corporate canteens, factories to increase corporate identity, providing sufficient information for employees.

The advantage of talk show

Talk Show is a live talk show between guests and MCs, During the talk the viewer will hear a lot of good ideas, a panoramic view of the topic, talk show, more detailed understanding of many aspects.

In addition to face-to-face conversations, talk shows also feature a program called Call In Show for viewers to interact directly with the studio, create more openness  and multi-dimensional view if you intend to introduce your product to the viewer

As the Talk Show has direct interaction, views and many aspects are clearly displayed will help increase the trust for consumers, the quality is also assessed more objectively.

Why choose to produce AD Film Talk Show for your business to promote products?

AD FILM  has a team with many years experience, the production process from the idea, the script until shooting, editing images, export video with rhythmic team to ensure that will bring your business show TV show, unique, impression

Along with the crews, AD Film is equipped with modern machinery and equipment in line with the current trend

Want to make a talk show success must mention the charm of the host of the program and AD Film confident that they have a team of MC extremely charming and sensitive to meet the requirements of your business.


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