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Trailer not too strange for us, viewers can catch Video Trailer everywhere. From the upcoming game show, dramas, movie theaters… everywhere is also the appearance of the Video Trailer

What is a Video Trailer?

  • The Video Trailer is from 1 minute to 2 minute short, introduce the overarching program coming soon, gathers dramatic footage, the most attractive to increase the focus and curious viewers. The role of the video trailer is very important, it is seen as a magnet for the viewer, eagerly awaiting the date on which the show or the movie debuted.
  • Weak in the success of a program, the film depends on a lot of Trailer Video, with surfing culture. The success factor of a program, the film depends a lot on the video trailer, with surfing culture, to retain viewers, forced trailer video must be attractive and unique, condensed the scene featured.

The role of Trailer Video, to the success it brings to each project

No exaggeration to say Trailer Video will determine the success or failure of a program or project up to 70%. You may not believe, but the filmmakers have to admit that the role of Trailer Video extremely important before introducing each of their projects.

Previously, Trailer was released only about 2.3 months before a movie or a game show projects, a TV show was about to air. But nowadays, trailer as a type of advertising tool is extremely necessary and effective. A mere 1 minute how to convey the charm and originality of the project makes viewers excited and expecting is not easy.

  • For example, the film The Dark Knight, here is the trailer is said to be the most successful  all time. Not only successful on the artistic value of the film,  it is important that the trailer brings viewers curiosity, eagerness with beautiful scenes, powerful images, feelings of the characters are pushed to the highest. Movie The Dark Knight is the most successful films in terms of box office as well as the appreciation of the experts

Trailer Video is the most effective advertising tool to promote advertising campaigns for programs. It can be said that Video Trailer as the most “modern fishing rod”, so success or failure depends on it a lot.

  • For example: Vietnam’s hottest movie movie now with the box office record set up over 100 billion after a week of release that is the film “em chua 18” is directed by director Le Thanh Son. the success of the movie “em Chua 18” can not not mention the effective marketing campaign, but also the small contribution of the trailer with more than 3 million views, an admirable number of normal trailer of the current Vietnamese film. In the trailer it meets the elements of color, composition, attractiveness, curiosity of the viewer. Even the name of the film was no less intriguing for the viewer, in the trailer with hot scene elements opposed to the name of the movie, an increase curiosity of viewers want to buy tickets to go see. Even the name of the film was no less intriguing for the viewer, in the trailer with hot scene elements opposed to the name of the movie, an increase curiosity of viewers wants to buy tickets to go see.

Trailer Production Process

  • Up ideas for the trailer, scene selection and highlights to attract the curiosity of onlookers.
  • Start building, cutting, editing Video
  • Consider the new demo, build select and for the final release
  • The editor would fulfill the image, sound effects, the last time to release the most complete trailer


Although, Trailer Video is only a few minutes, but it is a factor attracting viewers are extremely important for the marketing campaign of the business. This is considered rod fishing to attract the attention of customers, viewers are interested in and curious to see more. How to show the breakthrough, attractiveness, curiosity for new viewers is needed towards

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