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You are in need of post-production editing crew cared for your products?

You do not know how to find post-production editing team so effective, the affordable cost?

You a headache because of montages software too hard and do not have time

AD Film will solve this difficult problem for you, you just pick up the phone to contact us for advice most logical solution

Quality scripts are essential for any advertising project

Every promotional video, the first important element is the script, with a team of writers firmly, you can rest assured to hand over your brainchild to AD Film consultancy

1, A good scriptwriter who understands the hidden needs in customer service, from which to build a unique, engaging script. Writers are people who understand the spirit, the customer’s heart to evoke what is hidden deep inside them

  • Example: You want to advertise biological pesticides, the writer must be to know and understand about farming, how to take care of rice, when to fertilize, good rice stage, which stage should protect it. Chemical pesticides and Biological insecticides vary how, thence grasp important of the problem, the script written to must tap the needs of customers need, what is the status of rice, need new Biological insecticides medicine to protect the plant. Understanding each stage, the focus of the script, highlight the product, create logic and increase reliability for customers, interested consumers, learn about it.

2, Up ideas matching products, focused on the characteristics of the products from there do pop up outstanding advantages of the product. Therefore, understanding the needs of customers is very important

  • For example: Vinamilk company, mainly focuses on children and nutritional needs of children. Vinamilk’s advertising focuses on 3D images, with milk cow and funny music commercials. Firstly, the song is about children, the song speaks benefits of drinking milk to supplement micronutrients, height growth is essential for the development of children at the stage in progress growing. Hit on psychology and the desire to use products safe for children. Vinamilk has completely succeeded in conquering the majority of consumers aware of the benefits of drinking milk for children
San Xuat Phim Quang Cao AD FILM
San Xuat Phim Quang Cao AD FILM

The people on the scene are artists who are painting the art by the camera

After, everything is well prepared from scripting, set up machines, finding places, detailed work schedule. It’s time to capture each frame and produce quality products. With the adjustment of the angle of the machine, angle of rotation, composition and combination of dozens of people to create beautiful and monumental products for your product.

And if you already have videos available, it’s okay for us and the post-production team to do the work for you. Filming is just the rough part of the house. You build a house and do not know how to decorate and decorate beautiful and harmonious with the overall. So of AD Film will advise for your whole-hearted

The filmmaker is the interior designer of the film’s advertising

No matter how rudimentary or simple your movie, just through the gods hands of the Editor, your product will be sparkling and majestic. Just bring with AD Film matter how much trouble we will help you

  • Example: The film The Jungle Book at a cost of $ 175 million shooting in the home and sets up all the computer-generated scenes with a lot of breakthroughs and dramatic effects. Do you believe the jungle scenes, majestic ancient temples and monumental 100% movie was filmed in studios in Los Angeles and boy Neel Sethi is the only real actors in the film. The process of post-production process for each scene and context have to spend more than 10,000 thousand pictures of India to hold and morphing montage can be constructed in a more practical context

The Editor is always on the back of the computer, capturing every frame, director’s requirements and producer requirements to produce the best and most accurate footage.

With a team always enthusiastic, dedicated in creative, you just trust the rest Film AD, let us help you.


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