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Nowadays, most types of media, from the Production Service Advertising, video to games and web sites on computers, etc., are using motion effects. AD Film we create live images, unique and creative footage, leaving the brand impression in the subconscious of the customer. Animation world is very large and many categories, but the most outstanding of Animation is a Motion Graphics and Character Animation. These two categories are Animation, but according to two different schools. Find out about it along with AD FILM!

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is a moving graphics, Motion Graphics emphasizes motion and skill more than character expression. Character in the motion graphics is usually very simple and always in motion (rotation). Combined with motion and sound effects create the perfect layout, vivid attracts viewers and matching multimedia projects

Nowadays, with the development of science and engineering technology, and Motion Graphics are made directly on the most advanced software such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Motion, Discreet CombustionThe motion is transmitted in a subtle way, non-stop creativity. You can easily encounter motion graphics in TV programs like the theme music, game shows like The Voice, a duet with Bolero, … The motion short 5s, 10s on ads HTV, Yan, you often see Yeah1TV there are also motion graphics

Motion Graphics is currently the dominant trend for a variety of industries, most notably communications, filmmaking, advertising, and can be applied in schools and teaching. The Interesting point of motion graphics is not only the rigid motion which can combine with Live Action, Shooting seamlessly with motion effects Graphics a feeling of truthfulness or can combine 2D, 3D makes the clip more fancy and creative.


You do not like your product only the simple image, monotonous motion that wants to combine scripts, sound, character context, expressive rich. So what is needed for you is that it is Character Animation or Animation

Concept of Character Animation

Character Animation is traditional areas, but have very hot, it is a form of graphic design focus on the character in the expression of joy, anger, love with dramatic action. Character Animation differs from Motion Graphics in that it emphasizes on character expression rather than graphics

San Xuat Phim Quang Cao AD FILM6
San Xuat Phim Quang Cao AD FILM6

Traditional Animation, Handrawn Animation, Clasical Animation

These types are old but very hot. This is considered the father of creating such celebrities as Disney princesses, Tom & Jerry, Pokemon… The person drawing these characters is called a cell, you know to create 1s of motion, it takes 25 drawings and 60s of character movement requires 9000 drawings. Exactly 90 000 cel is a terrible number enough to know how much work you need to be patient

2D computer Animation

The technology is growing, the digital age of computers and software alternative to handmade drawing on paper as before. With software, the tablet can carry anytime, anywhere, will be easier to create and manipulate on the machine

The trend of the new design in the TV Commercial Advertising is to simplify the drawing, to add meaningful messages to the video, to hit the viewer’s emotions. With the help of the technical, technology, design work as well as film making is less time consuming and less hard than

The process of production Video Animation Advertising

1.Pre- Production

  • Ideas

The first and important thing of the process production  Animation is the idea, the script. A beautiful video effects, motion-flexibility that scenario uncertain, interesting, will lose an important part of the whole production process Animation. Often the script will be expressed in words, layout like to tell a story

  • Layouts

After the idea, the plot is complete, they are sent to the layout design to handle the scene, setting up shot angles, character, costume. This section is usually thoroughly discussed with the director, designer, to create characters, the most appropriate context

San Xuat Phim Quang Cao AD FILM
San Xuat Phim Quang Cao AD FILM
  • Model Sheets

In the film usually will have main actor, supporting actor, extras actor… To make video Animation, there are always parts character sketches on paper after multiple editing to create the most complete character. For example, when West Disney created her character Bella, the artists first had to sketch her most common shape, after many modifications to create characters with specific characteristics most

  • Story Board

Once the script and character design, the scene is complete, there will be sections that implement the ideas of the previous crew, with full character and context can be called story board. From the Story Board, the director imagines and visualizes the scene that will be performed in the video animation

  • Animatic

For flexibility, accurate time calculation and more time saved for ekip film, the department will process images in VFX studio to create a simple virtual model, this is considered as a draft of the Animation video, so it can be easily edited and replaced at the request of customers to avoid errors when the official video.


Stage as the backbone of the team  and also the most time consuming stage in the production of Animation film.

  • Layouts

After completion of the animatic, review and edit the raw part is finished, the artist will build cubes on a computer in 3D space under the light, depth, rotation angle at the request of director

  • Modelling

At this stage, the artist receives the previous sketch, and then imagines the action and movement of the character to create it in a three-dimensional space.

You have to know that the character on paper is a 2D character, when the artist receives the sketch, it must express the character and character expression vividly in 3D, To create multi-dimensional motion for the character

  • Texturing

After creating Modeling, character is still in the rough and the next job of the artist that is on color, eye color, clothing color, pattern, detail of the character … This stage is considered to be the “coloring” stage for a more vivid character

  • Lighting

Light artists not only set their own light, they also covered the entire scene, analyzing and adjusting the light based on the requirements of the image director. They have to balance between light, shadow, light, interaction between characters, scenes to create depth in the film.

  • Rigging

 This stage is the process of blowing the soul into the character and context with the movement is called the stage of bone formation for the character. in this stage the artist is like a cosmetic doctor makes the skeleton, the joint for the perfect moving character

3.Post- production

The final stage, set the scene, cutting, dubbing audio, check the last time before the output file to transfer products to customers

  • Compositing

Department gathers the images of the previous stage to create the image rendering mode ready for the film. Fix strokes, rotoscoping, re-edit FX, general color classification

  • Sound Editing

This unit will be in charge of the sound, effects, soundtracks and sound effects needed for the movie. Make the movie more lively and interesting

  • Video Editing

This is the last stage to produce a complete animation movie, arrange, edit, cut out unnecessary parts. Editing is the most important part of the entire production process Animation. Ensure the output of the movie is perfect


The above is the most detailed process, the film making process, depending on the work, the nature of the company, customer needs that each company will be flexible in each step, so that the film or video animation perfect most. For any questions, please contact AD Film’s telephone number for a free consultation and script writing. See more Video Animation => HERE!


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