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Make Quality Advertising Videos

Creativity is what we put on the top with quality and prestige in the production process. The spirit of learning, updating the trend is reflected clearly in each product that AD Film made us

  • Production TVC Advertising
  • Produce 3D ADs
  • Viral
  • Corporate Video
  • Home Shopping

The benefits of commercials for businesses: introduced business, product, direct action to promote the purchase of consumer products

Encourage audiences to learn about product information

Creating links between product and consumer needs of the audience

Prompt consumers to recall the product and encourage them to buy the product again

Changing consumer attitudes: Promotional film is often used to reinforce, change the perception of the product. Especially when the product is available on the market

Production TVC advertising

Affecting nearly comprehensive for users include: visual, tactile, tantalize the taste buds and I will be with you hearing. TVC production is seen as an effective weapon indispensable weapon of many brands to hit the minds of customers. Within less than a minute, an impressive TVC- unique- towards new customer audience can bring businesses the huge profits

Production Viral Video

Producing viral video aimed at disseminating the message in marketing campaigns with these criteria: creating new value, focused media push in the first 24 hours, attracting the participation of those who create trends increase(direction). leverage effect of these phenomena causes fever and an overview achieve the rapid viral effect in the online community to achieve success as expected

Corporate Video

Film production Corporate Video business requires manufacturers to really invest in gray matter, so as to give birth to quality products both in terms of ideas and images. This is the cause of success but also the survival factor of companies. Depending on the product and requirements of the customers that we will have forms for producing delicate and most ingenious. Select the media Pen Gold is “Select the gold send face”


We are confident to create Home shopping ads that are imprinted by creative messages and unique marketing ideas that serve our customers with the determination to transform their potential into reality.


Event trailer is an introductory video before the event, giving the viewer an overview, impression and attraction on the event. Want to produce a good trailer, which requires modern technical means, people creative ideas and a lot of experience in the profession. With years of experience in the field of communications, we will create the message creatively to produce trailer or at the most affordable price. We always understand our customers, constantly innovating and creating an impression in our hearts.

The purpose of advertising is to promote widely to every object, everywhere. So, the place to show a TVC advertising as a TVC advertising is not narrow but can be broadcast on television, advertising on LCD (on the screen in buildings, supermarkets, trade centers). , Advertising online on the website, broadcast in exhibitions, events, fairs, …


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